fundraising with Finish Line Car Wash

FUNdraising the sells itself! BIG RESULTS!

Let Finish Line Car Wash help your group raise money for your next fundraiser!
With Finish Line's Fundraising program, there is no money needed upfront!

No Inventory! No Sponges! No Money Up Front! No Over-Inflated Prices!
Extremely Convenient for Your Supporters!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much does the Fundraising Program cost?

A: Absolutely nothing!

Q: How much will the group make?

A: We provided a specialized landing page for your organization to use. This landing page allows anyone to purchase an Unlimited Wash Club membership at full price. In return, you will receive 100% of their first month's payment for your fundraiser. 

Q: What if someone already has a membership?

A: No worries! We also provide the option for our existing Unlimited Wash Club members to join in the fun by submitting their barcode number and agreeing to give your organization 100% of their current month's payment. 

Q: How will we know how much money we raised?

A: After the fundraising is complete, we will run a report on the following business day to calculate your total monies raised. We will send you an email that states the amount of money raised during your fundraising period. We will also send this number to our accounting department, which will write a check and send it to your specified mailing address. 

Q: Who can do a fundraiser? Any nonprofit organization?

A: We are always looking to be involved in the community and help any way we can! Schools, PTOs, sports teams, athletic groups, nonprofits, churches, people-to-people, Relay for Life Teams, Boy & Girl Scout troops, and many more. 

Q: What advertising does Finish Line help with?

A: We start with a branded email, landing page, and social posts to promote your fundraiser in your chosen area. We also provide you with a branded flyer that your organization can hand out to anyone interested in participating in your fundraiser. 

Q: How can our organization help to promote our fundraiser?

A: Start with a good meeting with your group to discuss a strategy. Use Facebook, email, and other social media to get this started quickly. Use events, games, meetings, and other large gatherings to promote your fundraiser. 

Q: Why shouldn't we do this on our own?

A: Professional car washes, like ours, are environmentally-friendly. College studies show that driveway washing uses about twice the water as a commercial wash. More importantly, when you wash in front of a business or at home, your wastewater goes into our river, lakes, and streams. When washing with us, your water is properly handled to reduce the environmental impact!

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