Directions for an Incident Report

Remove the customer from the lobby.

Have the vehicle away from other cars so that it is not visible; if possible

Replace yourself at your position and organize yourself to be away for 10 plus minutes from washing cars

DIFUSE THE SITUATION. Do not allow employees or customers to create a large scene. Your approach can determine the success or failure of this situation.

Bring customers to vehicle, explain the problem.

Have customer fill out form. Take pictures of problem while customer is filling out form

Explain how you are not in a position to approve or deny any customer claim. You will immediately pass this along to the owner/manager and they will be in contact ASAP. No arrangements need to be made for repair,. If approved the car wash owners and vehicle owners will have an agreed upon repair person take care of the claim.

You will fill out the explanation.

Sign your name, have customer sign their name

Your goals of this situation is to still manager the wash, keep customers under control, properly take down paper work and pictures, have customer leave feeling confident that you did everything that you could at this moment ant the someone will be in contact shortly. If done right we can display to them that we are knowledgeable of our equipment and they should continue to use this business.

Contact the Site Manager to make them aware of the situation, leave message if no answer.


Vary On Location